by Rebecca Carr

It is with heartfelt appreciation that I extend my sincere thanks to the Skaneateles Area Arts Council (SKARTS) for its generous support of my mission to bring opera to Auburn, my hometown. My 2018 SKARTS grant will fund performances of operatic repertoire, with educational components, at Auburn Public Theater.

I am also humbled, and thankful to the Directors of APT, Angela Daddabo and Carey Eidel, who share my mission of bringing The Arts to the community, and who have agreed to co-produce the project.

Thanks to a Mother who understood the importance of Culture and The Arts in society, I was exposed to classical music early on, and then to opera, once it was evident that I showed talent for singing. I was fortunate to experience a life, thanks to the pursuit of a career in Opera, that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Since moving home to Auburn, I have noted a lack of such opportunity here, and look¬†forward to providing a small glimpse of that rich world.

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