Check out this Citizen article that lists several blasts from the past – including a news story about Auburn Public Theater in its formative stages!


“Aug. 17, 2005

If husband and wife team Carey Eidel and Angela Daddabbo have their way, Auburn could have a new theater come fall.  The couple, who own Daddabbo’s Pizza on Genesee Street in downtown Auburn, recently reached an agreement to purchase the former Paul’s Pocket Billiard building at 102-108 Genesee St. They hope to make the building the permanent home of the Auburn Public Theater, as well as a performance space for other artists.

Both Eidel and Daddabbo spent years in Los Angeles working in the entertainment industry. Upon moving to Auburn, Daddabbo’s hometown, the couple has looked for ways to integrate arts into the community. Both the Auburn Players and the Cayuga Community College performances draw respectable crowds, and the Merry-Go-Round Playhouse continues to grow into a leading theater for the region. But there is no public arts venue, a void Eidel and Daddabbo want to fill.”

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