The Skaneateles Education Foundation thanked Auburn Public Theater Artistic Director, Angela Daddabbo, in week 1 of their #SEF30DaysofThanks Campaign, see their message about Angela below!


Day 6 –  #SEFDonorAppreciation #AngelaDaddabbo

SEF is so grateful for supporters of the foundation like Angela Daddabbo. She embodies the spirit of giving and generous philanthropy in every way possible–with her TIME, her TALENT and her TREASURES.

Angela has donated furniture and volunteered at SEF barn sales, has attended our fundraisers and written checks for the cause. Last week she gave us the gift of her time (2 ½ hours) and her expertise (priceless!) to help flesh out an idea for a new event.

As a founder and artistic director of the Auburn Public Theater, a community-enhancing nonprofit, she has a special appreciation of the work SEF does.

In Angela’s words, “I love supporting the foundation because you are putting power in the hands of our kids’ teachers. They are the ones with boots on the ground, and funding from SEF allows them to respond in real-time to the dynamic needs of their classrooms.”

Amen sister.

Angela Daddabbo