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If you’ve been curious enough to get to this page, we know that you believe in the story of Auburn Public Theater (APT) and support all of the benefits it provides to the community. As the theater moves into its 13th season, we continue to provide diverse programming and affordable access to the arts for all. We also do this…

-Auburn Public Theater disburses $150,000 through state programs to organizations and artists in Auburn and five counties surrounding it every year.

-We provide on-going arts education to students in local schools, community centers and at our theater; Nearly all of these classes are free or tuition-assisted.

-We partner with over 50 community organizations to offer free or low cost rental rates.

-Since our inception, we’ve been working closely with the local recovery community to provide volunteer hours, training and jobs to those seeking a second chance.

Up until this year, we have only been able to utilize one half of our available building space. And so we have begun our Capital Expansion Project. CLICK HERE to read more.