Scott Willis, SYRACUSE – We’re wrapping up week seven of the COVID-19 shutdown, and we’re once again checking in with some of Central New York’s arts and culture venues to see how they’re coping.  WAER News caught up with Auburn Public Theater and found out they’re offering virtual programs four times a week.

Artistic Director Angela Daddabbo finds great irony in all of this…she says they’ve spent the past 16 years trying to get people out of their houses and away from electronics only now to be stuck in and to them.

So, here we are faced with a shut down pedaling as fast as we can to get everybody on their phones, their tablets, their screens, and their computers through our programming.  We’re hosting an open mic night Tuesday nights at 7:00 for about an hour.  We’re soliciting musicians ahead of time to make sure it’s all scheduled, and they’re set up, and the lighting’s right and the technology’s right.”

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