The City of Auburn is known for its rich history.  But the arts scene has also been gaining momentum in recent years, and the state is taking notice by supporting the efforts with significant grants.  In part one of our story, we hear how art and history literally come together, on the west end of the city.

It seems only appropriate that the Cayuga Museum of History is housed in 1836 mansion, which itself has a long and interesting past.  Two prominent families, the Willards and the Cases, lived there for nearly a century.  The museum was founded in 1936.


City Clerk Chuck Mason says the largely grassroots effort got a real boost in the previous decade.

“The Auburn Public Theater is people that got together 13, 14 years ago and they took the old Grant’s Department Store, which was empty, in Downtown Auburn and with a lot of elbow grease and a lot of diligent work to raise money and stuff they’ve slowly but surely pieced together what’s really the biggest attraction, now, in downtown Auburn.”

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