What pianist George Winston performs Sunday at Auburn Public Theater may seem a little mixed up. But it makes sense to him.

When Winston first performed at the downtown theater in September 2015, he presented his “Winter Show.” It includes ballads and other minor-key works from Winston’s career, which spans 14 studio albums that have sold more than 15 million copies since 1972. The show also includes Winston’s covers of Vince Guaraldi’s “Peanuts” compositions, such as his “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” themes.

Thanksgiving may be within a week of Winston’s return to Auburn Public Theater, but the Guaraldi song may not figure into his concert there. That’s because Winston will instead present his more uptempo “Summer Show.” The pianist keeps records of what show he presented the last time he was at a venue, he said, and in the interest of the audience, he performs the other one next time.

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