There is nothing more exciting than sitting in a dark theater, looking at the stage with anticipation, and waiting for the performance to begin. There is one thing, however, that can make this experience even more fascinating: when the actors are people you know, and you get to watch them transform into a totally different persona on stage. They are so close, you can see their facial expressions, yet for the time being, they are not your friend, father or child. Their job is to make you forget who they are or where you are, and help you dive into someone else’s story.

This became very real last weekend when my family and I watched the Auburn Players’ production of “Scrooge: The Musical” at the Auburn Public Theater. Not only were we amazed by the fabulous young and young-at-heart actors, but managing to move the audience (to tears, I admit it) with a play, which most of us have probably seen many times in one form or another, is a great accomplishment and a tribute to the talent of all involved. The music choices invited us to sing and clap along, the ever-changing stage setup was interesting and versatile, the vivid portrayal of the characters so stirring, and the “surround sound” of actors in the audience just gave you this cozy feeling, as if you were part of the play. On that note, thank you very much, thank you very much, for getting this tune stuck in my head!

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