The next weekend, we visited Auburn Public Theater to see David Connelly’s original Thomas Mott Osborne presentation. Masterful writing and acting dominated the stage. It was a treat that was even enhanced by the presence of members of the Osborne family at the performance we attended. Our third weekend was a particular joy: Our own Maria Coleman, a graduate of Dana L. West Jr.-Sr. High School in Port Byron, enacted “The Innocence of Experience: Fanny Seward in Her Own Words.” Ms. Coleman, the education and outreach coordinator at the Seward House Museum, wrote the manuscript from the actual diaries of Fanny Seward, the daughter of one of our most famous Auburnians. She portrayed Fanny in her many moods, despairing, angry and fearful after the attempted assassination of her father, flirty with the Booth brother, remorseful dog-owner and observant historian. Local schools would do well to access this performance for their American history students. Bravo Maria!

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