The Citizen Staff, AUBURN -Auburn Public Theater has announced its lineup of online live entertainment and interaction over the next week.

Heading the theater’s Facebook Live programming Thursday night is musician and comedian Jeff Connor, with a show called “Everybody Must Stay Home — Bob Dylan Coronavirus Parody.” The show is part of APT’s series dubbed In-Home Sessions: Live Concerts in Quarantine.

“Jeff Connor is trying to become a walking, talking jukebox someday,” the theater said in a press release. “His shtick at shows is that if you stump him with your song request he will buy you a drink. Born and raised in the Finger Lakes region, he has always had a love for singing and listening to music. His younger brother, Adam taught Jeff how to play guitar and piano in high school and they shared many stages for many years. Jeff is currently living in Lake Tahoe, California, where he can play five to seven shows a week at all of the tourist spots in the popular ski town but still have time to ski fresh powder and go sailing on the beautiful lake.

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