AUBURN, N.Y. – Frank Vignola strummed so hard on his electric guitar strings that his face visibly scrunched with intensity. He was performing a gypsy jazz style medley of songs by the turn-of-the-century Russian composer Nikolay Korsakov, going ham especially when folding in Korsakov’s most recognized piece, “Flight of the Bumblebee.” The audience met his fiercely vibrant energy with their own enthusiasm.

The Auburn Public Theater hosted Vignola and his supporting musicians on Saturday, Sept. 15 in a nearly sold out theater. With Vinny Raniolo on acoustic guitar and Gary Mazzaroppi on upright bass, the audience enjoyed an intimate and dynamic performance, clapping after every song and every solo the trio performed. And they rightly deserved all that feverish applause: they’re really good at playing guitar.

“There are a dozen world-class guitarists out there,” audience member and gypsy jazz enthusiast Josh Jessen said. “Vinny and Frank are up in there.”

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