What would you do if you woke up one morning and discovered that during the night you had turned into a large, ugly insect, replete with a hard shell and creepy multiple legs? Would you immediately launch into a series of challenging calisthenics, or how about singing a medley of Broadway tunes? Sound far-fetched?

Not for Czech-born, German speaking novelist of the late 19th-early 20th century Franz Kafka, whose novella “The Metamorphosis”, which is part absurdist fantasy and part tortured autobiography spurred by his overbearing father. This hallmark of European literature has been the inspiration for a quirky little musical that’s been making the rounds at various festivals and theater venues for about the last couple of years.

Presently, “Kafka’s Metamorphosis: The Musical” by locals Matt Chiorini and Travis Newton opened at The Auburn Public Theater for a two-weekend run as of July 26, and if I can trust my reliable ears having picked up affirmations from the opening night audience, there may be more performances beyond those scheduled. In any case, don’t wait for the unknown if your theater tastes lean toward the intellectual and absurd, mixed with clever, funny lyrics, and bordering on the incomprehensible, but interesting and, above all, entertaining.

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