For 2018 Brand X  has assembled a new show, with new songs and new production. The tour started with a headlining spot at RoS-Festival on May 4 in Gettysburg, Pa.  Founding member and Guitarist John Goodsall:

“It’s RoS-Fest 15 year anniversary, so we’re honored to get the nod to headline opening night.  The new show brings with it a host of new songs we haven’t played in ages – and some never before at all – and so begins another chapter in the history of Brand X.”

The tour is hitting Auburn, NY, this Thursday May 17 at Auburn Public Theater. The new tour is in support of Brand X’s new album “Locked & Loaded” with founders Goodsall & Percy Jones still at the helm. Keyboardist Chris Clark, Percussionist  Scott Weinberger, and Drummer Kenny Grohowski each bring their own creative style.

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