This year I’ve added another wonderful, yet admittedly weird, job to my resume. I’ve become a horror movie host for Auburn Public Theater’s Screams & Screens series. Every other Tuesday, we show B-Movies on the big screen, and yours truly provides a little background and the opening dialog. Local support has been incredible and we also give away a plethora of prizes each week!

Invasion of the Body SnatchersI don’t quite fit into an Elvira outfit (nor do I want to wear one) so I’m usually just in a sports coat and let my enthusiasm for these fantastic films buoy the pre- and post-film commentary.  Our next film is one of my favorites: the original 1956 Invasion of Body Snatchers. 

It’s a fantastic film on so many levels. First, It’s beautifully shot. From today’s perspective, it almost seems like a mash-up of two genres:  classic Sci-Fi horror and Film Noir.  Secondly, the picture is populated with strong performances, most notably by leading man Kevin McCarthy.  Dana Wynter, a gorgeous leading lady, is wonderfully understated and delivers in spades when her big moment arrives. Like the lead character, Dr. Miles Bennell, you can’t help but fall in love with her.

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