After traveling the country playing music, local musician Andrew VanNorstrand returned home to Central New York to release his first solo LP, “That We Could Find a Way to Be.”

“For the past years, I’ve been working on this record as a singer/songwriter, and I’m really excited to have it out. It’s sort of different. It’s all my original material and it’s sort of a different approach,” said VanNorstrand. Life lessons and the intersections we face are a common theme throughout this project. “Very often over these past couple years, these situations in life keep coming up where you don’t know what happens next. You don’t know how to…you don’t know how this is going to play out…you don’t know. It’s really a scary moment, it’s a very vulnerable moment and in many different areas.”

On November 15th at 8pm, he will be performing with Anna Patton and Dana Billings in the Auburn Public Theater. For information and tickets visit

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