Every so often, we use the words, prodigy or genius or in some other ways recognize outstanding, unique, and special skill sets and innate qualities regardless of age. Last night, Auburn Public Theater in Auburn, NY (APT) presented a vocalist and musician who possesses impeccable mastery of his creativity.

Jontavious Willis is a Bluesman in the truest sense of the word. At 22, he has explored with versatility, skill and verve various genres of the Blues across regions and landscapes where this musical genre is deeply rooted in tradition and extraordinary expressions of life and its complexities.

Jontavious started his musical exploration at the age of 14 after seeing a video of Muddy Waters. A self-taught musician (guitar, harmonica, banjo) he started singing years earlier at 3 in his church. Born in Greenville, Georgia, Willis is now a master musician who reveres and extols the music and lyrics of old-time blues people who framed the tenets of the music and its influences.

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