At the Cayuga Economic Development Agency, we research and teach, listen and mentor, promote and connect. CEDA is the one-stop organization that provides assistance to start and grow businesses in Cayuga County. There are a variety of incentives and benefits available on the local, regional, state and federal levels. From writing a business plan and accessing the city or county’s revolving loan funds, to navigating the various state and federal programs, CEDA guides businesses through the entire process.

In this article, I have listed some developments you may have already noticed, or can look forward to this year. Some of the larger, more transformative projects have been in the works for years, and CEDA’s relationship will carry on as these businesses continue to develop. I hope these stories will spark ideas of how CEDA might help other businesses start up or grow:

• Auburn Public Theater was awarded an ESD grant in 2017 to incentivize its expansion plans to add a café and renovate the basement. The theater has already begun construction and is lining up the last pieces of funding to move the project toward completion later this year.

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