Joni Lincoln, AUBURN – Stay well, dear friends. Be safe, be smart. Make good choices. I try to be upbeat and positive in my monthly columns reporting on the goings-on in our little corner of the world and encouraging folks. These are indeed hard times.

My husband was asked recently if he ever remembered any times like these, and he said “no.” Upon reflection, however, he did remember. He had scarlet fever in January 1949 when he was 5 years old. He remembers no one could come to the house, no one could go anywhere. His dad, a dairy farmer, had to stop shipping milk for some period of time. He remembers being very sick with a fever and a rash, and everyone being concerned and scared. He said as soon as he started feeling better, the scared feelings went away. A little microcosm of what we are feeling and doing now. As soon as things start looking better, hopefully folks won’t be as scared…..

At the head of the list of making lemonade is Auburn Public Theater — I was able to experience the genius that I wrote about last month over again as the re-broadcast of “A Feminist Extravaganza” was made available, as were some of their musical offerings at no cost. If you are not a member of APT, please consider it! Also, we celebrate the restaurants who are making takeout an art form. Incredible!

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