David Wilcox, AUBURN – Angela Daddabbo is excited about all the women reading at this weekend’s “A Feminist Extravaganza: An Evening of Wild Feminist Readings” at Auburn Public Theater.

The event will see them respond, each in their own way, to a question posed by Daddabbo: What does the centennial of women’s suffrage mean to you? The theater’s artistic director hopes to have 19 women answering that question, as it was the 19th Amendment that gave women the right to vote. But some women had to drop out, she said, so the final number has yet to be determined.

Regardless, Daddabbo is especially excited about three of the women performing this weekend at the theater. Lily Ridley, an elementary school student, will read an original work. Martina Mitchell, a middle-schooler, will perform original choreography. And Emma DeGroff, a senior at Union Springs High School, was inspired by the event to create her own original piece of choreography as well.

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