Michael’s Blog: First night at open mic and B-Movie!

Auburn is quite the city, I’m not from around these neck of the woods but just from going to CCC here in Auburn and being in the tel.comm. department myself, I knew it was chalk full of incredible talent; young and old. Just recently I have taken up an internship here in Auburn at the awesome Auburn Public Theater; which by the way HI! I’m Mike the new intern!

Anyways, so I went to my first event ever at APT which was a Screening of the B horror movie “Satanic Rites of Dracula” starring

Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. Just some good ol’ B Movie fun! As my night went on at the theater however I decided to pop out of the movie to go check out some of the amazing raw talent Auburn has to offer. I got to see the stage lit up full of instrumental sounds and heart warming voices from the many acts at open mic.

For instance I was greeted as I turned the corner into the stage area by a band of young performers whom I never got their names but they were killing it with the classic songs they were performing. I also got to meet a regular at the theater, Salvatore Lee was his name and was just an amazing act to see up there. All in all, great performances for a great night.