Mecca’s Blog: Ready to Sip Some Covfefe?

Welcome to the blog of APT’s Fall 2017 Marketing Intern, Mecca Brooks! Mecca will share her reflections on the amazing artists performing live in Auburn this season. You never know who you’ll see at the Auburn! We hope you enjoy this installment of Mecca’s blog @ APT. 

Hey guys, long time no read! I’m back and I’m ready to tell you about Covfefe. First, I can’t go on about the night before I tell you that these women are the sweetest and funniest bunch I’ve ever met. We all greeted each other with a bushel of compliments. “I love your hair it’s so cute and curly!” “You are so small it’s so cute!” “I love your dress!” It was like walking in on the back of a New York Times best seller.

Now to the acts! This was my first comedy show and wow it was an amazing experience. Being a person that tries to be as funny as possible with no avail they made it look so effortless. Carey Eidel was of course the host. It was nice to see my boss letting loose and not the person that could fire me any moment, by the way Carey if you’re reading this: totally love this internship, I never want to leave! Okay I’m done with the groveling.

Beth Beer, aka the best name ever, was first and she had a very deadpan style that really hit me in my mid-life crisis. I say that because I think a lot of my socio-political views come from a place that I shouldn’t be tapped into yet unless I’m really fed up paying my student loans and I’m trying to buy a house. She was calm and put together. I always watch stand-up online and the thing that bothers me the most is an elaborate act because I can’t concentrate on the buildup of the joke.

Kelsey Claire Hagen was so sweet and her jokes were a little provocativebut I’m so okay with that. Definitely keep your eyes peeled for this up & coming comedienne from Rochester. 


Brandie Posey was how I see myself in a few years. I will have good hair and have a dog. But in all seriousness, it was really cool having a touring L.A. comedian & podcaster make a guest appearance in Auburn, NY, and she killed it.


Madelein Smith was the headliner, and she was seriously chill & a joy to work with/see on stage! She was so humble, sweet, and really fashionable (but not like in a pretentious way), and of course hilarious.

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