Mecca’s Blog: Calamari Sisters Praise and My Farewell.

Welcome to the blog of APT’s Fall 2017 Marketing Intern, Mecca Brooks! Mecca will share her reflections on the amazing artists performing live in Auburn this season. You never know who you’ll see at the Auburn! We hope you enjoy this installment of Mecca’s blog @ APT.

Last week was my first time watching the Calamari Sisters and wow now I know why they have such a following! They were truly talented and funny.

Let me say as a person who loves drag they were beautifully done up. Also if they ready this, I need to know what makeup they use because that wasn’t coming off for nothing and their blend game was STRONG. One woman even asked me if Carmela was actually a woman. A fun thing is they are actually married in real life! It makes sense because their chemistry is so amazing and you can tell they appreciate the other. In other amazing news, they are going on tour, they do digital and real life parties. So snatch em’ up when you can!


This is my last blog for APT, and it was such a pleasure seeing and meeting a lot of these people and wow I’m just so glad to have been here. It’s been a lot of hard work, but it’s been truly rewarding with meeting everyone. I loved and connected with every person I’ve seen and wrote about. Thank you so much for your time and love on this amazing journey. This internship has been such an eye-opener on what I love doing, which is to help performers and entertainers have a great place to interact with such beautiful and amazing intimate crowds.

Thank you,
Mecca the Intern.