Jordan’s Blog: Suzy Bogguss

Suzy Bogguss a Grammy award winning artist was here in downtown Auburn and she put on an amazing performance on the main stage. Suzy, born and raised in Illinois has had a love for country music her whole life and her performance here definitely brought a new liveliness to Auburn Public Theater. Before the show even started I was talking to some of the fans and a decent amount of them had traveled from all over the place. Some were from Canada, Maryland, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and many more. She had the crowd clapping, howling, and yodeling. You could definitely see everyone was having a good time from the start! There was an intermission after about 45 minutes into the show, where I heard so much good feedback. People were saying,  “wow she is amazing”, “she is so talented”, and “I hope they invite her back here to perform again”.
During the songs I could see heads were swaying back and forth to the music, people were singing along
, and I saw some people get emotional during one of her songs at the end. Lastly, she had a standing ovation as well, where Suzy and her band came back out to do one last number for us. After that she invited everyone to come down and meet with her, take photos, and do a signing. The crowd absolutely loved her. So, thank you to Suzy Bogguss for coming out to our small town Auburn, we had such a great time listening to your music!

~ Jordan the Intern