Mark Doyle’s Guitar Noir III

Main Stage


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Saturday, November 2


  • Advance: $25.00
  • Door : $30.00
  • Student Rush : $10.00


In a rare live performance (their last one was  April 4, 2015) Mark Doyle returns to APT with his 10-piece Guitar Noir project to perform his new disc, “Watching The Detectives: Guitar Noir III” in its entirety, along with a second set of favorites from his other CDs.

20 years after the release of the original critically-acclaimed Guitar Noir album in 1999, guitarist/arranger/producer Doyle revisits the series with a tip of the fedora to the seedy underworld populated by detectives and spies. Doyle says, “Once I settled on the concept, I started hunting down any and all of the TV and movie themes having to do with detectives and spies, while trying to avoid obvious ones like “Peter Gunn,” which has been done to death, and “Perry Mason,” which I had already recorded on the first Guitar Noir album. I ended up choosing the themes that were most melodic and dramatic, since melody is to me the most important thing in an instrumental album. I uncovered some absolutely amazing music: Nelson Riddle’s “The Untouchables,” Elmer Bernstein’s “Johnny Staccato” and Dave Grusin’s “It Takes a Thief” are only three examples. When I ran out of things that moved me, I had to write two pieces that hopefully fulfill the criteria and stay true to the genre.”

The album also contains two pieces outside of the concept – Frank Zappa’s “America Drinks and Goes Home” (arranged as a ballad) and Louis Cole’s “Everytime.” These were the first two pieces recorded before the Detectives concept had been finalized, and Doyle felt that they were too strong to let go of.

The band performing on November 2nd features Doyle and Terry Quill on guitars, Bill DiCosimo on keyboards, Edgar Pagan on bass, Josh Dekaney on drums and percussion, and a string section that features Ally Brown, Edgar Tumajyan, and Joe Davoli on violins, Jess Tumajyan on viola and violin, and Kate LaVerne on cello.

Mark Doyle has had a distinguished career in the music business since his first band, Jukin’ Bone, was signed to RCA while Mark was in his late teens. He’s gone on to make records as guitarist or producer with David WernerCindy BullensAndy PrattLeo SayerHall & OatesJudy CollinsMeat LoafBryan Adams, and Mary Fahl and has provided string arrangements for numerous recordings by the likes of New Kids On The BlockThe CavedogsThe Stylistics, and Tiffany.

He currently leads his own band, Mark Doyle & The Maniacs, who have released six albums and play consistently throughout the Northeast, and tours as Music Director/ guitarist/pianist for former October Project singer Mary Fahl.

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