Classic Film Tuesday: Surprise Package

1960 – Comedy


Tuesday, September 3

  • 1:00pm

Free Show



An American ganster is exiled from the United States because of his unsavory activities. He is sent back to the Greek island from whence he came. Once on the island, various characters enter the picture, including a local, corrupt police chief. Upon meeting an exiled king, he attempts to purchase the king’s family jewels for a million dollars. However, when he wires for the money to his associates back home, they double cross him and send him a beautiful gun moll instead. He then decides to steal the jewels. However, he runs into money problems. Adding to his problems is that the gang which overthrew the king also wants the jewels for themselves.

Genre: Comedy   Rating: NR   Runtime: 100 min   Language: English

Sponsored by: The Dr. Joseph F. Karpinski Sr. Foundation