Mecca’s Blog: Last Summer Hoorah or maybe the First Fall Hoorah!?

Welcome to the blog of APT’s Fall 2017 Marketing Intern, Mecca Brooks! Mecca will share her reflections on the amazing artists performing live in Auburn this season. You never know who you’ll see at the Auburn! We hope you enjoy this installment of Mecca’s blog @ APT. 


The Auburn “Bluejazz Festival” –bluejazz? I had no idea what that even meant. I thought jazz was already blues. But I was totally wrong, the blues have a comfort like no other. Savoy Brown has been around for 50 years. I don’t know anything that’s 50 years old, (make sure my grandma reads that haha)! As a young college student, I can’t imagine sticking to anything for that long. I even stopped taking violin lessons when I was in grade school because I didn’t want to miss class for lessons. You have to give it to Savoy Brown, the fact that they have been perfecting their craft over that long a period of time is impressive. They must sound pretty great if they’ve been touring for that long. They will be joined by The Funky Blu Roots, The Exchange Street Records Band, Carrie Lazarus’ Extraordinary Talent Jazz Band, and Peter Mack & The Macktet.

So come on down to Falcon Park on September 23rd! Surround yourself with friends, family, food, a cold brewski or some apple juice (no judgement), and great music. Snuggle up with your significant other and relax, you deserve it! After the first weeks of school parents and their kids deserve a break. So kick back at the first ever Auburn BlueJazz Festival! –MB