Jordan’s Blog: Red Molly Blog!

Red Molly was in the house and they put on an amazing show. Each one of them having lovely voices, put out such great energy to the crowd. We had a full house the night of the event, and…. Each of the singers in Red Molly sang one song from their solo albums, along with songs from their main albums. In particular though, Molly Venter sang a song called “Lost and Found”. It was very very moving to the point I was tearing up halfway through it. The song was about how much a mother loves her children and how someday her kids will all leave. The song made me think of my mom because I’m at a time in my life where I will be leaving soon. It’s a new chapter for both of us, as I’m going to venture off into this crazy world. So, it did make me very emotional at the end. There was also another song that Red Molly decided to dedicate to their college friends in the audience, which made me tear up as well. Their songs were from the heart, they had so much passion behind their voices. It was honestly a very beautiful performance over all. During the show they mentioned how they added two men to their group, one who played the bass and the other played percussion and some guitar. I felt that it was just enough to make the music sound full, but still raw and natural sounding coming from an audience perspective. Before that show I actually didn’t even know about the group, but leaving the show I can say that they have a new fan. Red Molly took over downtown Auburn that night, it was such an honor to be a part of!




Jordan the intern