Mecca’s Blog: Joanne Shenandoah visits APT!

Welcome to the blog of APT’s Fall 2017 Marketing Intern, Mecca Brooks! Mecca will share her reflections on the amazing artists performing live in Auburn this season. You never know who you’ll see at the Auburn! We hope you enjoy this installment of Mecca’s blog @ APT. 


What I’ve learned from interning at APT is: I realized I’ll always find a new favorite! Joanne Shenandoah is no exception to this. Nature elements are so soothing and of course her amazing voice is a lullaby. I am so happy that a person of color is making music that embraces their culture. Being a person of color, we sometimes feel like we need to stray away from what our ancestors have done culturally. So being true to yourself, your people, and being successful is such an amazing feat that should be applauded 24/7. I can’t wait to meet Joanne and listen to her music this week!

Joanne is an acclaimed Native American musician from Upstate New York on the Oneida territory. She has won 40 awards and has been nominated for 3 Grammy’s. Shenandoah is a founding board member of the Hiawatha Institute for Indigenous Knowledge, a non-profit higher learning educational facility that is based on Iroquois principles. Even her ancestry has achieved greatness! Her bloodline is directly linked to John Skenandoa who helped create Hamilton College and given a Peace Metal from George Washington. All of this makes me feel a little inferior that I’m not doing that much with my life, but you bet your bippy I’m trying. Hopefully I can hopefully absorb some of her courage and talent.

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