Jordan’s Blog: Theater and Music in One Day!

I had a full day here at The Auburn, let me tell you. I planned on going to two events in one day. The first event I went to was “Thomas Mott Osborne- Unmasked”. This was about a 55 minute show with a Q&A at the end. It was a one man show about Osborne and his achievements. Eric Brooks played Louis Howe, Osborne’s political advisor, and he did an amazing job. He grasped all areas of Osborne, allowing the audience to go back in time and really feel like they were there. The best part about that event was that Thomas Mott Osborne’s grandson was there, 91 years old sitting in the audience watching the show, and then he joined the Q&A to give the audience some more insight into his grandpa’s life; a big shout out to him. Furthermore, Eric Brooks did a great job playing the role of Howe, bringing Osborne to life through Howe’s eyes, the show was incredible.

The next show I went to was Peter Mack and his friends playing music from the heart. This was located in Stage Right and for those who don’t know it is a smaller more pub/lounge space, which I thought was perfect for this event. Their music was so free and loose, you could see the people in the audience bobbing their heads or tapping their feet. Peter and his friends really had a presence, with good vibes and good music. Their genre of music was a kind of mix of jazz and soul. You could see the love and passion for not only the music they were sharing with everyone but the attachment they had with their instruments. They brought so much energy to the crowd, it was a breathtaking show.

So, you can say I had a pretty amazing and full day here at APT. I hope next time to see you guys at one of the events, until then! Follow us on our Snapchat: @aubpubtheater and Instagram: @auburn_public_theater


Jordan the Intern