Jordan’s Blog: My First Performance at APT

Hello Everyone, my name is Jordan Robinson. I am the marketing intern here at Auburn Public Theater! I am a sophomore finishing out my associates degree at Cayuga Community College. I am so excited to share my thoughts on events that go on here at the theater, and take everyone along on my journey.

Now, “For Colored Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf” was the first event I went to, and let me tell you it’s definitely going to be a hard one to beat. There was such incredible talent within the cast, and they put on an amazing performance. I would love to thank the talent for reminding me why sisterhood is so important and that you shouldn’t hide your feelings, that there is always someone willing to listen. This play would definitely be 100% on rotten tomatoes as critics would say, so if this show happens to be going on in your town, go check it out.

“For Colored Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf” stars an all African American female cast who tells stories of hard times that all women go through. These hard times include abortion, PTSD, death, sisterhood, physical and mental abuse, etc. These stories are reflected throughout the play to show the strength and courage we as females have to get through rough times. It’s these stories that not only bring colored women together but all women together. “Colored Girls” teach us as women to stick together in this world or we will be belittled and talked down to. This show has brought a new meaning of sisterhood to my eyes, it was truly a great honor to be a part of the crowd.

Thank You,

Jordan the Intern!