Sunday Music Series: Merry Mischief

Stage Right


Sunday, March 8

  • 4:00pm


  • At the Door: $5.00



Come support these phenomenal local artists! Only $5 at the door.

Sunday Music Series sponsored by:

It’s March and that means Celtic Music! Merry Mischief (Merlyn Fuller & Friends) have been doing Irish and Scottish music for over 20 years and we’re here today to help you get into the mood! Come raise a glass and tap your feet to some lively ditties and old ballads! Sure’n it’ll get ye into the mood for another pint as well! Slainte’!

Who We Are:

Merry Mischief an ensemble cast of talented musicians who are minstrels of mischief and each show is unique and adds personality, harmony, fun and a lot of entertainment to your next event! Together we will bring you back to a simpler time, relax you, make you tap your feet and we’ll make you giggle!