Precious Nonsense

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Precious Nonsense

Written & Directed by Rachel Lampert

A screwball musical comedy featuring the music of Gilbert & Sullivan!

It’s 1938 and the Carter Family Savoyards are on tour in upstate New York. They have been performing their Gilbert & Sullivan revue Precious Nonsense all across the country in any theater that will have them. Making up the Carter Family Savoyards is patriarch and reformed womanizer RDC Carter, his diva wife Angelina, and their son Frederic. Josephine Wellington, a ditzy beautiful soprano rounds out the troupe. The Carters are hoping to retire soon and expect their son Frederic to take over the family business and marry the silly Josephine. Not sure he wants to continue in his parents’ footsteps (or that he is even really that into women), Frederic has a lot of soul searching to do in just two acts.

Arriving at their next venue, the Carter Family Savoyards are shocked to see they’ve been booked to perform ‘Pirates of Penzance.’ As they agree to put on a seven-person version of the quirky operetta, romances brew backstage, love affairs begin and end, and twist and turns that could only be found in a Gilbert and Sullivan inspired piece will make you laugh to your very core. Come on down to Auburn Public Theater this summer to see if the Carter Family Savoyards can pull this thing off!

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