Sunday Music Series: Nuclear Ukulele

Stage Right


Sunday, March 3

  • 4:00pm


  • Door: $5.00


Like the rare occurrence of the alignment of five planets on a winter’s evening, the five musicians who comprise NUCLEAR UKULELE will convene at Auburn Public Theater for a performance of their unique interpretations of classic songs in the styles of folk, rock, country, bluegrass, soul, blues, popular, reggae, swing, celtic, and jug band as well as their originals. The nucleus of the band took form with the pairing of Bob
“Jupiter” Lyna and Ron “Venus” Van Nostrand in a nameless acoustic duo in 1991. With the addition of Richard “Mercury” Curry the next year on washtub bass the new trio created a combination of guitars, mandolin, harmonica, jew harp, banjo, percussion, and three part vocal harmonies. At that time the group became known as “The West Niles Marching String Band.” Eventually, Dan “Saturn” Cleveland brought his percussion, vocal, and guitar talents into the fold. The most recent member to join, Harvey “Mars” Nusbaum whose gifts include guitar, banjo, and ukulele playing and vocals, completed the group’s evolution into ‘NUCLEAR UKULELE.’

All door sales go straight to these phenomenal local artists!

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