Sunday Music Series: Merlyn Fuller “Stories for Big People”

Stage Right


Sunday, February 2

  • 4:00pm


  • Door : $5.00


Come support these phenomenal local artists! Only $5 at the door.

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Facts are facts, but stories are who we are, how we learn and how we figure out life. Make sense out of life with stories. Stories matter.  Oral traditions are how we first learned about human history. Stories show us how to view the world, either through fantasy or factually.  Stories can benefit mankind. Stories can change our perceptions or solidify our beliefs.

Merlyn Fuller, author and Merry Mischief musician, will regale “adults” with her stories and songs this day. Some of her stories/songs may be too bawdy for kids, and (bonus) she has been known to occasionally swear like a pirate. She will encourage you to find your authentic voice within so that you can tell your stories too! Come, get a drink and snack at the bar, settle in with your blankey and expect Merlyn to read to you, sing to you, and have some poetry deliciously delivered your way on a literary tray.  She wants to change the world…one story at a time.