Singing Notes & Slinging Jokes

Main Stage


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Friday, November 8


  • Advance: $12.00
  • Door : $17.00
  • Student Rush : $10.00


featuring SingTrece & Kenneth McLaurin

Two Great Artists – One Great Night!

I didn’t really know what to expect – just some combination of your talents, but it exceeded my expectations because of how carefully you had worked it out and integrated your two arts into a whole that was bigger than both.” – J. Green

Enjoy an intimate evening of music and laughter with singer SingTrece, and comedian, Kenneth McLaurin. When the husband and wife duo share a stage, you know they are Singing Notes & Slinging Jokes.  The on stage connection between the two is cute and charming, because they got it honest.  Partners in life, and creativity they merge, music, song, storytelling, and comedy, into an intimate entertaining experience.  Join them as they take you on a journey of song and stories about life, love, and laughter.

International singer, songwriter, playwright, and actress, SingTrece is known locally as the lead vocalist from local band Stone Cold Miracle, who gives amazing hugs.  She has featured at Grassroots, the Cayuga Sound Festival, as well as touring Europe and singing in the Vatican.  Her band released its first album “Love Without A Doubt” last year, and she recently re-released her solo album, “I’m Waiting”.  When you hear Singtrece sing: you’re listening, hearing, feeling every word, living through every song with her.

North Carolina native, Kenneth, has long called himself, “The Funniest Person You’ve Never Heard Of.” But his first album, Cuttin Up Comedy at the Shop, his Kitchen Theatre show Southern Fried Ithaca. and Singing Notes and Slinging Jokes, is rapidly changing that.  He has written plays for the One Minute Play Festivals at the Kitchen Theatre.  His project 10 Short Films About Race was featured as a part of Spring Writes Literary Festival.  “Life’s a joke, find the funny” is his life’s motto, and all that know him will tell you Kenneth, has certainly found it.  Witty, Clever, Insightful, sometimes Shocking, but always Funny is what you get with Kenneth. 

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