The Loving Cup Podcast

Stage Right


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Wednesday, March 13


  • General Admission: $10.00


Join host Katie MacIntyre as she talks gratitude, community and life In Auburn and beyond with members of the Auburn City Council. Live on stage with Katie will be Counselors  Dia Carabajal, Terry Cuddy, and Debbie McCormick.

The Loving Cup podcast comes to you live, with the opportunity to be in the audience and hear stories of gratitude and community firsthand. This podcast normally shows on Seneca Falls based

When asked why Katie created this podcast we heard ‘ I was so tired of all of the negative news in the media and all the stories I really didn’t want to hear about. But I knew that there were tons and tons of stories about local people who have beautiful stories and that are doing great great things that benefit so many of us and I wanted to share their stories. So the loving cup elevate your gratitude is all about helping people recognize and celebrate things that they’re grateful for and amplifying gratitude in the community at large. Tune in!’

All proceeds benefit Auburn Public Theater.

2018-2019 Season Sponsors: