Public Poetry

Free Show


May 5

  • 2:00pm

Public Poetry

Come on down on the First Friday of every month to share your words.

FREE and open to the public.


Under cherry trees

there are

no strangers.

Kobayashi Issa  (Japan, 1763-1827)


Auburn Public Theater’s 3rd monthly “Public Poetry” reading and discussion will take place First Friday, May 5, from 2-4 p.m.  Facilitated by Beth Miller and Jim Ellis.

Please join us. Poetry is about real things – anger, hope, love, fear, inspiration, resistance. Poetry’s for everyone. You don’t have to be a poet or a teacher to love poetry. Poetry helps us live just like music does. 

We read and discuss wonderful, understandable poems by many poets. You can read a poem or two yourself, or just participate in the discussion, or just sit back and listen and enjoy. We’re informal and friendly. We have a general theme but no one has to stick to it. 

Our May theme is spring. This is not a novel theme. The power of spring has deep personal, spiritual, and political implications. Poets have reminded us of the power of spring for truly thousands of years. Poets from every culture on earth have done this. It’s a beautiful tradition.

 A breeze touches the twig – buds open their mouths. – Gurannazar Eziz  (Turkmenestan, 1940-1970)

 The earth is nurturing her newborns now.  Hold us, happy earth. – Rainer Maria Rilke  (Germany, 1875-1926)

Spring poetry is not just about nature. It’s about human hope. A little hope doesn’t hurt right now, with the world so filled with hate.

 Under cherry trees

there are

no strangers.

 – Issa  (Japan, 1763-1827)


The brushwood,

though cut for fuel,

is beginning to bud.

– Nozawa Boncho  (Japan, d. 1714)