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Free Show


Sunday, October 22

  • 3:00pm

Tuesday, October 24

  • 6:00pm


Stories Come ALIVE When They are Shared!

3:00pm-5:00pm, October 22nd

6:00pm-8:00pm, October 24th

Auburn Public Theater

Harriet Tubman lived in Auburn for 50 years – come and share stories you were told about her life in this Central New York City.

All are welcome, to participate in this Town Hall event.

The MAIN EVENT of the Town Hall will be the sharing of stories that have traveled through families, neighbors, church groups, community organizations in Auburn. Come with your story or stories and share them.  You have a choice of sharing your story, out loud, or writing it down.  Stories will be recorded.  All participants, whose story is used, will be listed as a contributor in the book.

Dr. Ednita M. Wright will share the reason she has chosen Harriet Tubman’s relationships, in Auburn, to be the center piece for a book she is currently writing.  Focusing on relationships created, developed and maintained by Harriet Tubman allows a view of her as a person – a human being.  It recovers her as a woman, a Black woman, and a revolutionary spirit that still requires us to take notice, not of her, but in her belief in the power of love.