Heartstrings: A Woman’s Writing Workshop



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Friday, March 1


  • Registration: $60.00

“The magic of Cioffa’s debut novel, The Vast Landscape, ultimately shines its light on the power of the written word to illuminate the depths of human experience, and allow the spirit to soar unbound by its physical reality and limitations through its brash heroine, Harrison.” – Contemporary Artist, Julie Davidow

To write from a safe place, to nurture and to listen are the greatest lessons I can share. Storytelling starts with an idea, a perspective, a memory, an observation, an opinion and a healthy dose of imagination.

Writing, good writing begins with the most honest, painful, sincere, sensual, scary and absurd memories. Stellar writing must start from a sacred place of truth, examining both the dark and the light. Women today have much to say, so many vital, important life lessons to impart with the world.  Hard fought, well earned wisdom we have struggled to own, grappling with self-doubt, trust, vulnerability and the exhaustive, forever nagging question, am I good enough? Yes, you are. You are worthy, and your stories matter. They are the jewels passed down to future feminists, young girls and visionaries. Together as a collective, empowering, badass group of women we will write whatever is in our hearts, bodies and on our minds.

The class is $60 and will meet for 6 Fridays beginning Friday March 1st, through Friday April 5th at 12:00pm-2:00pm in Auburn Public Studio. Registration limited to 12 students. Please call the box office (315) 253-6669 Mondays & Fridays 10am-2pm to register, or register in person at the box office. All online registrations through Eventbrite will be subject to online Eventbrite fees, in addition to the $60 tuition.

Jacqueline Cioffa

Jacqueline Cioffa was an international model for 17 years and celebrity makeup artist. She is a dog lover, crystal collector and Stone Crab enthusiast. Author of the poignant soul stirring saga, “The Vast Landscape” and “Georgia Pine,” Jacqueline’s work has also been widely featured in numerous literary magazines, and anthologies. She’s a storyteller, observer, truth teller, essayist, potty mouth, beauty enthusiast and film lover who’s traveled the world. Living with Manic Depression, she believes passionately in using her voice to advocate and inspire others. Look for her column, “Bleeding Ink” with Feminine Collective, or visit jacquelinecioffa.com.