Friday Toddler Cartoons: Max & Ruby

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July 21

  • 6:00pm

Max & Ruby, season 1

5. Max’s Halloween/Ruby’s Leaf Collection/The Blue Tarantula

Ruby wants Max to be a Prince to her Cinderella but Max’s mind is set on trick or treating as a vampire/
Both siblings have different reasons for collecting leaves/ Ruby and Max get scared after reading a bedtime story about a blue tarantula.

6. Ruby’s Merit Badge/Max’s Apple/Quiet Max

Bunny Scout Ruby tries to earn her very first Merit Badge. Max helps Ruby get her badge — only it’s not the one that she expected/ Ruby and Louise’s clapping game about making “apple pie” makes Max hungry for an apple (or so Ruby and Louise think). Ruby picks Max every apple she can find on the tree, but Max is still not satisfied. What could Max possibly want with all of those apples? Apple pie, of course!/ Mrs. Huffington has asked Ruby to keep an eye on a napping Baby Huffington while she’s outside working in the garden. Ruby tells Max that it’s their job to be quiet so Baby Huffington doesn’t wake up, but Max keeps making noise.

Sponsored by: The Dr. Joseph F. Karpinski Sr. Foundation