Classic Film Tuesday: The Searchers

1956 – Drama, Action/ Adventure, Western


Tuesday, January 29

  • 1:00pm

Free Show


“This C.V. Whitney production is undoubtedly one of the greatest Westerns ever made.” – Hollywood Reporter

John Wayne plays Ethan Edwards, a former Confederate soldier who returns to his brother Aaron’s frontier cabin three years after the end of the Civil War. Ethan still has his rebel uniform and weapons, a large stash of Yankee gold, and no explanations as to where he’s been since Lee’s surrender. A loner not comfortable in the bosom of his family, Ethan also harbors a bitter hatred of Indians (though he knows their lore and language well) and trusts no one but himself. Ethan and Martin Pawley (Jeffrey Hunter), Aaron’s adopted son, join a makeshift band of Texas Rangers fending off an assault by renegade Comanches.

Genre: Drama, Action/Adventure, Western     Rating: PG      Runtime: 119min      Language: English Subtitles

Sponsored by: The Dr. Joseph F. Karpinski Sr. Foundation