Classic Film Tuesday: Remember The Night

1940 – Drama, Romance, Comedy

Free Show


Tuesday, December 19

  • 1:00pm


“Mixing comedy, romance, and a touch of dark melodrama, it offers a touching and believable story of redemption.” – The Public (Buffalo)

With a deft blending of humor, sentimentality and romance, this Preston Sturges-penned comedy centers on the romance between a caring attorney and the shoplifter he must prosecute. The whole situation begins near Christmas time when the girl (Barbara Stanwyck) is caught lifting a diamond bracelet from a posh New York store. Because the holiday is so close, the judge decides to postpone the case until after the New Year, leaving her to spend the season alone in jail. The assistant D.A. (Fred MacMurray) assigned to prosecute her, learns that the girl is from his home state and so offers to take her to her mother’s home. Unfortunately, her mother rejects her, leaving the D.A. with little choice but to take her home with him. There, she is welcomed by the D.A.’s mother and family. She is deeply moved by the unaccustomed love and happiness she feels there, but though that love extends to the D.A., she refuses to show it because she is afraid that her joy is only fleeting. Her fear grows and she eventually decides whether to jump bail and escape or stay and face the music.

Genre: Comedy, Romance    Rating: G     Runtime: 94 min      Language: English

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