Classic Film Tuesday: Man in the Wilderness

1971 – Action & Adventure, Classics, Western


Tuesday, April 2

  • 1:00pm

Free Show




Not a sequel to Richard Harris’ A Man Called Horse as is sometime alleged, 1971’s Man in the Wilderness nonetheless bears a marked resemblance to that earlier film. Star Harris plays a trapper who joins a Northwest Territory expeditionary group. Left for dead after running afoul of a grizzly bear, Harris struggles to regain his strength and exact vengeance against John Huston, the man who deserted him. Flashbacks reveal who Harris is and how he’s come to this. Man in the Wilderness alternates between a blood-spattered retribution tale and a gutsy one-man show for frostbitten Richard Harris.

Genre: Action & Adventure, Classics, Western   Rating: PG   Runtime: 105 min   Language: English

Sponsored by: The Dr. Joseph F. Karpinski Sr. Foundation