Jordan’s Blog: Comedy at APT!

If you weren’t here a couple days ago you certainly missed an impressive comedy show here in downtown Auburn. I had the most amazing time watching Taylor Tomlinson, and her opening acts perform their live comedy. I brought my grandpa, and let me tell you we were non-stop laughing for those two hours! There was a full house, and a great vibe from the audience – before the show even started you could tell it was going to be a good show. It was obvious that each comedian loved comedy from a young age and that they truly had a passion for the art of comedy. Each comedian was engaging with the crowd and kept everyone’s attention throughout the show.  

The show started with Taylor Tomlinson’s MC Erica Spera with her hilarious comedy. Next, Steven Rogers came out and he had a quirky, self-deprecating charm. I was basically crying the whole time watching him perform his comedy skits. Finally, Taylor came out and she was amazing, she really took over the whole show. Taylor had the whole crowd laughing. I personally could hear when the show ended people saying to their loved ones “wow she is really good for being 23 or that “she had some really funny jokes.” Taylor took the stage by storm with an explosion of comedy that amazed the crowd Saturday March 10 at The Auburn. Taylor, you are always welcome back, it was a great night!


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Thank you!

Jordan the Intern