Auburn Public Studio Community Testimonials

As our Spring Semester of Auburn Public Studio winds up, let’s take a look at some wonderful testimonials about what our educational programs and Auburn Public Theater have to offer!

Anastasia Zygarowicz-Bartlett, Auburn Public Studio Instructor

Auburn Public Theater and Auburn Public Studio are an example of a perfect synergy that is hard to come by. APT is an incredible building, full of multi-use spaces for everything from sold out musical performances on the Main Stage to rehearsals for kids’ theater camps. As a teacher for Auburn Public Studio, it’s wonderful to have such a spacious studio equipped with everything needed for my Saturday ballet classes. And as an instructor for our Musical Theater workshops (such as Almost Astronauts, our latest after school theater camp), I’m extremely lucky to not only work with an incredible staff, but to be able to provide such a great program to kids in the Finger Lakes area, in a central location, with a stage in the same building! Being a part of APT for almost a year now, it is unbelievable how much we are constantly programming in both the Theater and Studio. There’s something so gratifying about providing events, classes, culture, and camps for people of all ages, all year round…and I am so proud to be a part of it!

Rita Isnar, Auburn Public Studio Parent & Auburn Public Theater Board Member

I am so grateful for a great venue for my kids!  My kids are both taking classes at APS and have been for the last two years.  They love the dance classes and the feeling of belonging to something bigger within their own community. They now meet friends at school and elsewhere that belong to the Auburn Public Theater community and have a common connection. What I also like about the program is for them to have an opportunity to perform with other children in front of large groups and audiences. They have also attended a few of the plays and performances by kids and for kids. We are thankful for such a wonderful resource so close to home that helps to cultivate the feeling of culture and community for our young people.

G-Quan Booker, Auburn Public Studio Instructor

G-QuanBecoming an instructor with Auburn Public Studio has been such a welcoming experience. I’ve performed there several times and from the Artistic Director to the audience members, I have had nothing but a friendly and welcoming vibe from everyone!