Hip Hop (Grades 4-12): Students will learn fundamentals of hip hop styles including Break Dance, Waving, and fun choreography.


G-Quan Booker

G-Quan Booker has been teaching hip hop for the last 8 years in Upstate New York and Colorado. He specializes in Popping, Breaking, Tutting, Isolation, Waving, and Choreography. He has taught at several dance schools in Ithaca such as IAD (Ithaca Academy of dance), New Roots Charter School, and CSMA. He is the founder of his dance group GCF (the Greatest Common Factor). He has taught English and dancing in Thailand for 6 months.

Oddisey Miller

Oddisey Miller

Oddisey is a hip hop dancer from Brooklyn, New York and started dancing back in 2012. Self taught in the art, he learned how to (Wave, Tut, Pop, Lock, isolate, and recently started learning how to Bboy.) Oddisey has done various theatre & other performances ranging from Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) to his hip hop theatre company Truthworker Theatre (TWTC), which tours around the tri-state area to perform.